[Bids] Simple Billing Solution

Looking for a simple billing solution.

All it will need to do is take the CDR and add our cost per min to it and input it into a mySQL database daily with all the CDR details and the new cost field. Trying to keep it simple to keep cost of development down since we are just a small start up.

Bids and questions can be sent to robc@realssl.com


Hi Rob,

If you are looking for billing I may be able to
help you. Our company has developed over the
last 4 years complete voip billing software that
we have now integrated with Asterisk. Currently
we are integrating it with Ensim so that we can
duplicate our local telco platforms on the fly.

If something like that interests you feel free to
contact me at brian@calgarytelecom.com


Brian Jerome

We develop Call Accounting Mate! (approx. 375.00 usd) for Asterisk. You can rate the calls any way you like and retrieve the data in PDF, XML, Excel or other formats.

Check it out at: callaccounting.ws

Be sure to look at this:



voip-info.org/wiki/view/Open … ng+Systems

Try Areski.net I have installed it and it works well.

try telcotwo.com

There is no Call Accounting System in the world that offers better features or service than these guys.

Did I mention they charge next to nothing to use them