Very particular busy tone

I’have a very particular busy tone from a nor-k ( pbx, and i try detect this tone with ‘busydetect’ option in zapata.conf (I have tdm400p with 2 fxo ports connected to nor-k pbx)

Frequencies list from this busy tone is:
310Hz/80ms, 0Hz/240ms, 310Hz/80ms, 0Hz/240ms, 310Hz/80ms, 0Hz/240ms…

I need edit edit zonedata.c and change ZT_TONE_BUSY for my zone? or ‘busydetect’ option detect any sequence beep-silence? I need edit indications.conf too?

‘busycount’ option have minimum value? i can set ‘busycount=2’ ?

If busypattern is not defined, any values from on-off durations is valid?

Other question:
I record busy tone with ‘record’ command in wav format, and analize this tone with soundforge soft.
I can directly see the frequencies and durations received from asterisk?