Zaptel Issues

I have a problem in Busydetect from our provider. Provider not providing polarity but busy tone. The busytone pattern is not 500,500
It is what they called is Congestion Plant Busytone.
The standard cadence for busytone here (UAE) is 0.375 on 0.375 off, which is working fine. But the same country in other region they have planted some new kind of Siemens exchange and it produces on Congestion Plant Busy Tone in the PSTN terms. The cadence is 0.4 on 0.35 off 0.225 on 0.525 off. Now the problem I am facing is Asterisk not recognising Hangup / BusyTone especially external caller hangups. The provider is asking to change the parameter in the PBX.

Any Clue will be appreciated.


what ?? are you offering to help someone, or you want everyone who has had an issue with Zaptel to tell you what it was and how it was fixed ?

not sure i understand exactly what’s going on, but wouldnt you want to edit the indications.conf or possibly zaptel driver itself to detect the new cadence?

I am facing the same issue, so any pointers greatly appreciated.


how about your indication.conf and opermode? set to your country?