Very Furstrating Problem Sip reload locks up


We’re doing a project for a class. The setup is as follows:

There are 3 Digium Appliances AA50’s that are connected to each on their wan ports with a switch. We are trying to make them see each other as sip peers.

I just do the necessary configuration in the sip.conf and from the CLI i try to observe and debug the process. I open the cli with a high level of verbosity. However the problem is after when I do “sip reload” on boxes (all of them do the same not necessarily at the same time) they just do nothing. The output is as follows:

AS1*CLI> sip reload AS1*CLI> _

and after that when I type any command (like sip) and then press tab then the CLI completely locks up.

If I type the a full command like

AS1*CLI> sip show peers AS1*CLI> _

the same thing happens, the CLI shows nothing.

I quit cli with ^C and reenter again using asterisk -r -vvvvvvvvv
then when I try to reload it says “previous reload command has not completed yet.”

This is so frustrating even hard/soft resetting the boxes after this point does not change anything. again Sip reload and other commands do not work. When I use the RST CFG switch on the boxes and return everything to factory defaults (or restore a backup) makes the boxes workable again.

Please help.


It sounds like you have defined a peer with a name and it cant be resolved, either its wrong or DNS lookup is failing


Thank you for the answer,

I was suspecting that too, but the thing is I am only using IP addresses that are statically configured. Do you think spaces may be the reason?

I really don’t understand why that would stop sip reload from working.

Do you think if i set svrlookup=no the problem would be solved?


what do you mean spaces ?



Why would you have a space there anyway ?

what is shown on the cli when asterisk loads ?