'reload' in Asterisk CLI gives error?

when i type ‘reload’ in CLI it gives following ERROR and NOTICES:

ERROR:ari/config.c: 312 process_config: no configured users for ARI

NOTICE:sorcery.c: 1388 sorcery_object_load: Type ‘System is not reloadable’, maintainig previous values

NOTICE: cel_custom.c: 95 load_config: No mapping foujnd in cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs

NOTICE: app_queue.c: 8675 reload_queue_rules: queuerules.conf has not changed since it was last loading

Notices are not errors.

It looks to me as though the meaning of the error is clear. Do you actually want to use ARI?

These are normal and won’t cause any problems, unless you are expecting the functionality some of them mention to work.

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if these are normal then why my server is not getting reloaded. i install pjsip successfully following this tutorial.yet sip command is not running???

What exactly isn’t working? What have you done, and what do you expect to happen?

in menuselect ‘chan_pjsip’ is enabled but ‘sip reload’ gives:
sip command not found…
while ‘iax reload’ or ‘dialplan reload’ runs fine without any message…
i could not figure out why sip command is not working??

The “sip reload” command is part of the chan_sip module, not chan_pjsip. They are two different implementations and modules for doing SIP. If you want to reload PJSIP then it would be “module reload res_pjsip.so”.

reloaded successfully!!! it means ‘show sip peers’ or ‘show sip users’ etc will have some different syntax for pjsip??? will sip softphones support pjsip and if so then i think there is no need of using chan_sip module in presence of chan_pjsip???

There are different CLI commands for PJSIP. They all start with “pjsip” and the configuration is completely different. SIP is SIP, so anything that speaks SIP will work with the PJSIP module.