Asterisk does not respond to commands nor SIP requests

Hello I am having a severe problem.

I have an Asterisk working as a PBX. I have registered 50 SIP lines and 50 SIP clients, softpones and ip phones. Sometimes the Asterisk does not accept any new incoming nor outgoing calls.

When I execute a “reload” command in the CLI it is not done. I can run commands like “show peers” and “show channels”. The SIP lines registration is lost and the SIP clients are also unregistered. After some seconds no instruction is executed by the Asterisk.

I have tried killing the Asterisk PID, but when I restart it still has the same behaviour.

When this happens the CPU load average does not increase and the memory usage still constant.

Has anyone had this kind of problems with Asterisk?

Posting some of your configs would really help. This isn’t a mind reading forum.