Reload problem


i just want to know what this all about? everytime i connect to asterisk CLI and do a “reload” i recieved this messages…

Connected to Asterisk currently running on rendezvous (pid = 3623)
rendezvousCLI> reload
Jun 30 15:18:13 NOTICE[5339]: cdr.c:1191 do_reload: CDR simple logging enabled.
Jun 30 15:18:13 NOTICE[5339]: indications.c:505 ast_unregister_indication_country: Removed default indication country 'us’
Jun 30 15:18:13 WARNING[5339]: chan_zap.c:10879 setup_zap: Ignoring switchtype
Jun 30 15:18:13 WARNING[5339]: chan_zap.c:10879 setup_zap: Ignoring signalling
Jun 30 15:18:13 WARNING[5339]: chan_zap.c:10879 setup_zap: Ignoring rxwink
Jun 30 15:18:13 ERROR[5339]: chan_zap.c:10312 setup_zap: Unable to reconfigure channel '1-8’
Jun 30 15:18:13 WARNING[5339]: chan_zap.c:11072 reload: Reload of is unsuccessful!

However, as i observed the result of my experiments are fine thru making audio calls and video calls using sof phonee in a LAN…

Im just bothered because im starting configuring asterisk with TE110P (T1) and Channel bank with 8 FXO and 16 FXS…I’m affraid as well that this will cause an untraceable error.

Please help make this thing clear and solve so i will have no error’s and warning’s after typing “reload”


anyone know?

Reboot watch the console you have zap failing to load, no big deal as you will fix it when you rebuild_zaptel on installing the new card…

If you wish fix it first…
but you do it all over again

ok here are the errors displayed before login promt during the restart of the machine…

Jul 3 10:09:47 WARNING[3609]: Resodbc.c 565 odbc_obj_connect:res_odbc:Error SQLConnect=-1 errno=0 [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data Source name not found, and no default driver speicified
Jul 3 10:09:47 NOTICE[4290]:res_odbc.c:599 load_module:res_odbc loaded
Jul 3 10:09:47 ERROR[4290]:chan_zap.c:6890 mkintf:signalling requested on channel 1 is FXO loopstart but line is in FXS kewstart signalling
Jul 3 10:09:47 ERROR[4290] chan_zap.c:10314 setup_zap:unable to register channel '1-8’
Jul 3 10:09:47 WARNING[4470]: loader.c:414__load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1
Jul 3 10:09:47 WARNING[4470]: loader.c:554 load modules:loading module failed

… 1-8 channels are configured for FXO and 9-24 channels are for FXS in zaptel.conf and zapata.conf.
Moreover, until now i dont connect yet the FXO line from CO into FXO module in channel bank.

Im so bothered with the chan_zap errors