Version for a new server?

I have about 15 lines in a small office. Period. Currently using as a cloud service to our Polycomm VOIP phones.

My plan is to build an asterisk server with SIP trunking from Digium, port some or all of the numbers and save $200 - $300 on the phone bill.

Any suggestions about which implementation of asterisk to jump into, or versions of the software, or tips for success, or things to watch out for. . . . or HELP! :slight_smile: We are a small office and even if our phone needs grow, it’s not going to be by a lot. I am interested in UC, but that is not the main thing at this point. Just looking for a strong solution that will just work.

your requirements are pretty straight forward. I suggest you use Asterisk version 13.X LTS you could use a dedicated server or install in a cloud server environment, Note Asterisk is an open source framework for building communications applications, so you will need to customize asterisk based on your needs, If you want a simple PBX based on Asterisk there are other third Party PBX software based on Asterisk like FreePBX, Elastix

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so would a FreePBX server (either a custom or out of the box) really be all I need - something I can configure to my needs without a lot of programming?

I feel like something fairly straightforward is all I will need.

If you just want to use Asterisk as PBX system and dont want to mess with configuration files or command line, you can try FreePBX, but that product is not supported here, so if you find issues you will need to address it on