New IP Phone System for Small Business

Hi Guys,

I am still new to IP phone System. I am looking for new IP Phone system for small business. First I was thinking Hosted PBX system like Nextiva or 8X8 but they charge per extension and it adds up to around 200 Per Month Including Taxes. There is not much calling from most of extensions but just access ability to make and receive calls. Then I thought about SIP Trunking option.
I know to use SIP Trunking I will need to build and setup my own PBX and Phone System.

I am thinking of Polycom SoundPoint 550 or 450 (Used on Ebay). Is it good choice to work with Asterisk Base PBX?
IP PBX (This is where i do not know if get a P4 computer and install and configure Asterisk or look for other Hardware options for PBX)
A SIP Trunking Service provider (I will welcome suggestion for reliable SIP service provider for small business).

I have experiences in Programming and Networking but I am not doing it now days but I do understand computer and network very well. What kind of knowledge level is required to configure the phone system and PBX?

We will be using Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Call Park, Conference, Call forwarding, Call Transfer etc.

Do I need Anything Else?
POE Switch, Internet and Router and Ethernet cabling will be done soon.

Thanks for your Help.

Anyone here to help me?

This is a support question, or a request for consultancy, so should either be on a Support forum or the Jobs forum.

Given the number of basic questions you are asking, you should go to and download or order a paper copy of the book.

You might want to consider one of the GUI front ends, or DIgium’s Switchvox commercial product.