Ideal setup for asterisk

hi all,

We want to setup a new Asterisk IP PBX to replace our ancient one. So far, we ordered T1 line with 7 sip trunks and EdgeMarc 4500T4 voip router.

and here comes the hardest part. (been reading here and there for a week and still can’t figure out what is my best route)

Which version of Asterisk should we go with ? Tribox? FreeBx ? or AsteriskNow (not reflexible, doesnot let me to specify the ip/gateway)

Here is what we have and need for new Asterisk box.
Pentium 4 2.0ghz
RAID 1 160gb
512MB RAM + 1gb ether port

the new Pbx would support 10-15 IP phones.

We want something stable and easy to configure. As far as feature, we want to have auto attentant,directory listing and links 1 xtension to our remote sales desk ip phone (in diff city)

thank you so much,


Any of the choices will work fine.

FreePBX currently doesn’t support Asterisk 1.4 but the version that does is in Beta and should be realeased in the next few weeks or so. FreePBX is just a management console it does not include Asterisk, that you have to install seperately.

Asterisk 1.4 includes a GUI, but is not as feature rich as FreePBX.

AsteriskNOW is still in beta and is really just Asterisk 1.4 bundled with a linux distribution for easy installation.

Trixbox is a linux distribution (CentOS), Asterisk, and FreePBX, MySQL server, CRM tool and more all bundled together.

Personally I would go with straight Asterisk 1.4 or FreePBX once it comes out of beta IF you need more features than the 1.4 GUI supports.