Using SIP account with SIEMENS HiCom 150


I have a SIP account that I can use with a softphone like x-lite or sjphone.

Within the same network I have a PABX SIEMENS HiCom 150 with HG1500 V.1 card

Can Asterisk be configured with SIEMENS HiCom 150 with HG1500 V.1 so that any of my colleagues can use this SIP account with their hardware telephones connected to SIEMENS HiCom 150

Thank you

Yes, it is possible at a minimum using TDM interconnection software from Digium. Depends on what you have on the HiCom, you might be able to do SIP/VoIP.

I was wondering if somebody managed to get Asterisk to talk to HG1500 v1?
I read about chan_cornet that was under development, but I haven’t been able to find out if it is finished or working.

Found this thread from Jan 2005.

I have a HG1500v1 with licens for 10 channels. This HG1500 was used for IP-trunk to another HG1500v1, but that trunk is not needed anymore, so I thought that I could use those 10channels to Asterisk instead and use 10channels for connecting our PBX to the Asterisk and let the Asterisk talk to some other Asterisks…

Looking forward to hear from you what is needed to get this working (if somebody has any clue).

The problem that might be, is probably the version of H323 that the HG1500 talks (as mentioned in the thread that i mentioned before).