Asterisk siemens

I need to know whether a siemens pbx with a hg3540 sip gateway is possible.
If yes (which i so believe so) ,are there only limited sip based features available.I need to how much is available and how to integrate the siemens with asterisk. what protocols or drivers i need to download etc.


this i think is more of a siemens question than an asterisk question. However IF your pbx speaks SIP in a non-broken way, Asterisk should talk to it. Asterisk comes with SIP support built in, no extra downloading required. As for any lost features that will depend on how your pbx works but I don’t think there would be…

You are a brave soul if you try to use Siemens sip to Asterisk… Seimens just came out with that a short while ago and I guarantee there are bugs in the code.
Further if you expect things like path replacement and connected number to work, it won’t. Any features in QSIG or DPNSS that the users are used to,not going to happen…