Hipath 3000 Configuration


Is it possible to guide me for the configuration of Asterisk Now with Siemens Hipath 3750.


For consultancy requests you should indicate how much you are prepared to pay and the location of the work.

Also note that the expertise on this forum is bare Asterisk, if you want to do this with FreePBX and cannot translate configuration file settings into the FreePBX GUI operations, this is the wrong place.

I’m not able to provide consultancy on Hipath, and there is a good chance that no-one currently on the forum can.

I can :smiley:

@T3_t : Is your idea that you want to connect HiPath and Asterisk via VoIP?
Which software release is the 3750 running on? V4/V5/V6 ?
To make it clear in the first place: there will for sure be no possibility to connect the systems via SIP. SIP support for the VoIP cards of HiPath 3000 was introduced in V8 and is really working with V9. You would need a HiPath capable of running V9, the 3750 ist way too old for that.

A way of interconnecting the to systems which is more native for the HiPath would be using ISDN lines. Depending on what you want to achieve by connecting the systems, PtMP/PtP or Q.SIG would make more sense. Depending on the hardware setup you are running Asterisk on, a ISDN card with an appropriate number of BRI/PRI interfaces or an VoIP gateway (Patton, Beronet, Innovaphone) would be the way to go.


I saw on internet search that there is a way to configure asterisk with Hipath but the version of the asterisk in the manual is old. I am trying to configure asterisk that I recently downloaded.

On the other hand, our Hipath has siemens optipoint and unify sip phones connected via network and all working.

I used the same config of the unify phone config with zoiper, it is working on the inside lan but I have no audio from external lan.

If you have got Unify SIP phones connected it definitely cannot be a 3750, at least not in an officially supported configuration. Technically it may be possible to run a V9 on your HG1500 card, which has to be a HXGM3 then, but it is highly recommended that the version of the HG1500 matches the firmware version of the HiPath.

If it’s a HiPath 3000, it seems more like you have a 3350,3550, 3500, 3300 or 3800 running V9. Could you please clarify that? Maybe you can also / alternatively provide an image of your HiPath.

Regarding your problem: as long as you stay with chan_sip, there should’nt be big differences regarding configuring sip.conf for endpoints.
It would help if you state shortly what your goal is.
Also, having a look at the Asterisk’s log and paste error messages here would also help.