Connect asterisk + Hicom 150 via E1

Hi folks,

I need put a Asterisk pbx into a E1 and a Siemes hicon 150.

My idea is put a 2 E1 cards (Digium) in the asterisk box and connect a PSTN E1 on the the first e1 and connect the hicon direct on the other e1 card.

-----------E1------ asterisk-----------E1----------hicon 150
it will works?

anyone can help me?

Thank you

that will work, if you give both asterisk e1 ports the same settings as the e1 from your telco, you can (if asterisk fails) plug the telco straight into the hicom.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I have a siemes hicon pabx and need to add asterisk features,
today i have somethings like this:

telco E1 ---------- E1 hicon 150

i want to put an asterisk box between the telco e1 and the hicon. but a only can connect the asterisk to a hicon via e1, can asterisk simulate a E1 sinalization?

thank you

ahh. Yes that is quite possible. I read a very large report a while ago from some guy that did pretty much the same thing. That’s where i got the suggestion to avoid reconfiguring the pbx as much as possible. Just disable its voicemail or whatever is going to cause problems, then set Asterisk to talk to the pbx and send it the same CLIDs and stuff that the telco does so it rings the same phones

i have a siemens hicom 130 and i want to connect it to an asterisk server, i don’t know much about all the terminology, what’s an E1, how can you have the server between the telco lines and the hicom?

my idea was to connect the asterisk server to a analog port of the hicom (my hicom uses analog lines) and use the server as a voice mail/menu system, so that people are automatically redirected to the right phonelines by using FLASH (*) and the extension code for the phone…

any suggestions?