Using Asterix on Existing Analogue Telephone Lines


I am very new to this and not too technical.

My company is running with 8 phone lines. They are normal phone lines not Voip/IP etc. To increase productivity we want to link these lines to computers and allow for ‘one-click’ dialling from each of the PCs so our guys don’t have to manual dial all the time.

How easily can this be done and do I need a program as advanced as Asterix?

Any ideas on this that do not involve overhauling our phone system would be great!

Thanks in advance…

You need to check if your phone system support TAPI - Telephony Application Interface
that you can use to make send and receive calls using Computer.
other possible option is to upgrade your phone system to Asterisk based PBX and then use softphone like Zoiper etc to make calls from computer and zoiper has browser plugins that you can use to convert any phone number into a click able number and you can achieve more functionality like this.

For me the easiest way to integrate click to dial, is PHP & Asterisk AMI. Using PHP, MYSQL and Asterisk. I created my personal telephone agenda with the feature of click to dial. And too is integrated to Asterisk CDR as you can see on the picture. If you need some hints with this let me know