Newbie question: Will Asterisk help me to this..?

Here is what I am looking to do, I think I can do it with Asterisk Win32 and a script called AstJAX, but I am not sure on how to approach it.
I have Apache and PHP installed on my windows XP system. I want to be able to use my contact management software with Asterisk. I need to be able to click on a phone number in my browser and it would automatically dial the number using my headset.

I have VoIP with Cox cable, I do not have any special telephony hardware. However I do have a regular data modem.

Can I just Click to Call numbers in my browser?


Yes, you can build a php page that dial a number, you’ll need to use the Asterisk ami action “originate” to start a call, see … +Originate .

I would not use Asterisk on Windows anyway…


Marco Bruni