Integration with other systems

firstly sorry about the subject of this post, i couldnt think of anything else to call it.

I havnt yet put together our voip solution becasue we are short of the money before the christmas break, but there are some “cool” ideas that have been going round in my head and i was just wondering how they could be implimented.

Form what i understand the following are not things asterisk can do out of the box. A 3rd party program would be needed on the users computer… but what else…

The user is sitting in front of their computer and voip phone.

Going through the company database on the computer.
It would be good if the user could highlight a telephone number and hit an unused keyboard shortcut. Their computer could then contact asterisk which would firstly dial the users voip phone and when answered would then dial the highlighted number out on one of the trunks?

Now in our second situation the user is sitting at their desk again and the phone rings. They answer the call and a pop-up apears on their computer screen and if they like… using caller ID the program can take them straight to the customers account page in the database.

How easy would these be to do?

please dont say that i am the only one who can see amazing potential in these, especally the first one.


just read a post about AsteriDex. but i would still be quite interested in what people have to say.

is anybody using it etc…


Its very easy to make and already exists.

The first one is called click to dial, and the second one is called CTI.

In this case easiest thing would be to have both prograns connect to the manager interface.