Complete Newbie needs help

I’m going to ask the 60 million dollar question.

What do I need to set up asterix for 4 analogue telephone lines.

I have a Linux PC. Its running Fedora 9 (is there a better distribution for asterix) (It dosent have an interface card yet.

Can anybody tel me what interface card I need?

The Analogue lines are standard POTS lines provided by British Telecom

I cant find any information that’s is UK specific. Is that because country is not relevant?

Is there a URL I can get a step by step guide I can use to building my own box.
I want to be able to accept incoming calls via the existing telephone numbers and then dial out Via VOIP.

Once built how do I connect it to a VOIP network.

Thanks so much to anybody that can help.


There is a million of tutorials for this situation, test this:
But you can try too with distributions like AsteriskNOW or TrixBox and forget the SO.
Best Regard. :smiley:

You need FXO cards - there are lot of providers including Digium.
You will need also VoIP provider - there are many - I could recommend voipjet - their prices aren’t lowest possible but are good enough and also for me at least they are something like standard. But may be there are better providers at lower prices.
Then - make dial plan and that’s all. :smiley:

I think (!!) you may buy a sip/iax gateway to terminate calls.