Using asterisk to provide order status information

I’m interested in using asterisk to provide order information to our customers.

The way I envision the system working would be to have an asterisk server connected to 1-4 extensions on our current Nortel Key system. Then, we could have the auto-attendant transfer the calls to those extensions if they “press 1”. Then, I assume I would be able to use PHP to write the script to receive the PO number, and connect to our database and retrieve the information for that order.

My question is, would this arrangement work? Also, which type of hardware would I need to connect two of my extensions on my Nortel system to the Asterisk server?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Scott Carter
MarCraft, Inc.

I have seen a way that a dialplan can access a php scrip and read back the output of that script, but now I can’t find it.

I’ll keep looking, but if you find a way, please share, and i’ll do the same

Covered here:

But best not to double post.