Get order status

I am insterested in dialplan help that will, when dialed, query a mysql database for the status of an order, and read that back using festival, or something of the sort.

Maybe it can call a php script which can do all the processing and echo out the response that the festival can read back.

Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?


I think the appropriate response here is:

Do YOU know how it can be accomplished?

In any Asterisk development project, you are the developer, the tester, and the support system.

If something goes wrong, you can’t count on a message board for technical support. You have to roll up your sleeves and fix it yourself.

This is also how your solution is going to have to be developed.

Having said that, you might start by learning about AGI. … terisk+AGI

I know how to write a dialplan, but what I don’t know how to do is retrieve information from a database using a php or perl script and have festival read the info back.

I know I am the developer, the tester, and the support, and I don’t expect to come to these forums for someone to do something for me. I’m looking for direction only.

this is what i was looking for: … l+www+demo