Using Asterisk to make robocalls/autodialer

I was wondering if any of you guys could provide any information on how you used Asterisk to either make robocalls or even more basic created an auto dialer.

Before you start any project you should write on a paper the features you would like to have on your system, But if you just want to start robot calls you can use call file. In my personal opion I suggest you use Asterisk AMI Originate Action and PHP.

Hello ttbaby,

I would recommend using a mix of AMI and dialplan. For instance, you could use AMI (with one of the available libraries of the language you prefer) to originate calls based on some sort of data source with a list of to-be-called-numbers, and then redirect calls (based on received events) to a context in your dialplan. Within the context, you can do hell of things like queuing calls (to be picked up by agents) or even an automated IVR.

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I have almost completed a Project of an autodialer…
Please write me on private if you would like to talk about it…

Hi Simone, I’m trying to create an autodialler for robocalls, it needs to pick numbers from a MySQL table, dial the numbers through our SIP service provider and play a wav to the end user and record if they press 1 in the same MySQL table…

I got that working I will upload a video on my youtube channel and share the link

Awesome, go easy on me though I’m a complete novice :frowning:

This require PHP MYSQL knowledge,what you basically do it is read numbers from the DB and using a while loop, you keep dialing using AMI’s originate acction and send the calls to the context who play your sound file to a caller, use local channel for more control of the call

I’m OK with SQL but rusty as hell with PHP, I understand all the telecoms stuff

Following this topic.
@ambiorixg12 can I have a look at the youtube video that you have mentioned.

Thank you :slight_smile: