Asterisk Predictive Dialer

Hi everyone,

I searched the net for informations on building a dialer based on Asterisk: but unfortunately, only I get commercial softs and a lot of adddddddddddds. But, the most important for me is to build my own dialer, I want to discover the functionalities of my Asterisk, how to use AMI, AGI, call files…

So Can anyone help me on this? even by guiding me to the right road:
– I’m using Asterisk 13.4: the only way that I tested is dialing using “Call files”. Is there another new way to originate calls? or this is the best way ?
– If this is the best/only way, Can anyone guide me to some good tutorial ?

Please I need some advices.
And thanks.

The well known open source one is on the first page of Google results. For requests for tuition, please use the Biz and Jobs forum.

you can also use AMI to originate calls (asterisk management interface)

Thanks for your answers,

Using AMI (or even call files): is there a limit for originating “simultaneous calls”, I mean in the number of parallel calls ?

And which is the best ?

there is no practical limit - it will depend on the cpu load (mostly, codec translation when required and recorded message delivery), but a fairly basic server (i3, 4gb ram) can handle easily 100 calls or more

ami gives more control over whats happening, call file is simpler

thanks for that. Now if I’m familiar with “php” coding, using AMI to originate calls still the best (not the AGI or something else might be)?

Now I started coding my php scripts. As you suggested, I did choose originating calls using AMI.
As I’m really a beginner I tested first of all making call with “originate” Action of AMI: It’s really great and it gives so many details related to originated call.

But I want some help:

  • how can I originate simultaneous calls ? because "originate " action can initiate one call and I must wait for it to finish to launch another one ? And if I use “async=true” option as suggested in some websites, I loose logs and call traces. So what you suggest ?

  • And for tracing calls, I’m really lost: I can get the response of the "Originate "/ “Status” Action but I get a lot of data but not a specific adjectives/codes describing really the state of the call (ring/ringing/busy/failed …) or even the causes of the failure when the call fails ???
    So please can you guide me about this ?

And thanks .