Robocall center

Hello community,

I’m new here and I’m looking for a simple system that will let me do survey robocall.

i.e.: Play an introduction message, play the survey message with choice from 0 to 9. Record the pressed dial and hangup with an ending message. Record a code for: hangup no answer, no line and other errors from dialling list. etc.

I’m I at the right place?
Is there consultant available to provide support for installation?
I’m an experienced developer and a Linux integrator.

Thank you.

I have dont this kind of system many times, using the following

Asterisk AMI and Originate() Action to initiate the call from PHP

Send the call to a local channel to do some custom stuff like select the message to play and the number to dial from a MySQL DB,

Other people prefer call files, but I don’t like it

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