Robo Call/Auto Dialer

Hi , Every One…
I want to implement auto dialer / robo call (outbound or inbound) .
I have checked in dialplan but I have not found any solution .
Can Anyone please help me how I can achieve this task.

I have some options in my mind but I am not sure that are suitable or not, like:

  1. ARI, AMI, AGI
  2. PHP Script and MYSQL
  3. Script and Sql Server ( web service or web api)

Are you seriously expecting help here for something like this? That being said, there are better programs out there that are suitable for robocalls.

Put all the pieces together

Originate Action
Local Channel
Playback or Background

Thanks bro… But I want to know how I can do that… mean any helping material or any relevant sample.

Everybody hates robo calls, hence the hostility.

  1. Do you have permission from your victims customers or are you in a jurisdiction where unsolicited calling is not a crime against humanity?
  2. What existing packages/projects have you investigated and why did you find them lacking?
  3. What programming skills do you have?
  4. What experience do you have writing Asterisk applications?
  5. If your call is answered, then what happens? Play a sales pitch? Hand off to a live agent?

In general, an automated calling application would have:

  1. A table of telephone numbers in a database with some columns to track useful data like the status of the attempt, the timestamp of the last attempt, any response the victim entered, etc.
  2. A program to schedule calls. Two frequently used techniques are the AMI originate action and call files.

Keep in mind that Asterisk is a box of Legos, not a ‘finished product.’ You can ‘glue’ the pieces together to make whatever you want, but you have to do it. We (peers/volunteers) are here to help give you clues and suggestions.

robo calls means auto dialer…
mean that we are just give the list of calling number in excel/csv/.txt or put the numbers in database and C# /PHP or any Other language script get the number one by one and call the number …
Programming skills : C#.Net and Asterisk for IVR
Yes recently I working on Call File It’s help: but not final goal achieved:
Thanks for suggestion

Why not? If you got call files working to originate calls from your DID list, it sounds like you got most of an auto dialer working.

Yes it’s working:
I have created 2 calls files:
Application: Playback
Data: hello-world
Application: Playback
Data: hello-world

But I am dependent on this command cp /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/.
and cp /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/.

It need to run above command manually one by one , so if i have 100 call file so It need to take 100 commands in terminal…
I want automation on it

Best practice would be to ‘mv’ the call file instead of ‘cp’ because ‘mv’ is atomic and eliminates the possibility of Asterisk processing a partial call file. For this to work, you need to ensure that you create the call file on the same file system – otherwise ‘mv’ silently becomes ‘cp’ followed by ‘rm.’ A good way to ensure that the 2 directories are on the same file system is to create a ‘tmp’ directory in the ‘outgoing’ directory.

This is where you get to write a program in the language of your choice to read your data, create the call files in the ‘tmp’ directory, and ‘mv’ the files to the ‘outgoing’ directory. Your specific needs and the resources of your SIP provider will dictate how many simultaneous calls and how to schedule calls within those needs and limitations.

And also legislation on how to handle silent calls, what caller ID you must present, and, possibly, announcements you must make to callers.

For the GDPR area, if you intend to record, you will also have to get opt in consent for that.

If your in a call center, I would recommend you look at Wombat dialer from loway.

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