Using a DID and Asterisk to save money wile overseas?

I have been looking into Asterisk for some time but have been intimidated by the fact that it is a Linux application but have finally decided to give it a try (Linux and Asterisk both). Anyways, I am going to Estonia for a few months and was hoping to have an easy and affordable way of making calls back home to the US from my Estonian pre-paid cell phone (international rates are very high). Anyways, this is what I am thinking of doing. Please be patient as I am not well versed in the capabilities of Asterisk but am willing to learn if what I propose to do is possible.

Anyways, what I planning on doing is getting an Estonian DID from LibréTel so that I could call into my Asterisk box for dirt cheap (this would be a local call from my Estonian cell phone and would cost me pennies per minute). I then would have my LibréTel DID sent to my FWD account which I will have configured on my asterisk box. After dialing in, I was wondering if it were possible to be presented with some sort of authentication (aka pin number) after which I would be presented with a dial tone for making an outgoing call via my BroadVoice account which will also be configured on my Asterisk box. Is this type of functionality possible? What type of voice quality can I expect to get? What type of bandwidth would be necessary for this type of operation?

Any help would be appreciated, as to the feasibility and quality of the connection established in this manner, assuming it is even possible.


P.S. I know you guys here know a heck of a lot more then me so I figure I’ll just ask you this as well. I was wondering if any of you know of any collocation datacenters that specialize in asterisk collocation. Also, I would also like to know of if you know of any other DID providers that offer similar services as LibréTel. What type of key words should I search for when googleing.

check the nerd vittles website (via - he has a DISA application described there…


read the article, all will become clear :smile:

what article??? that link just takes me to a website called “Ward Mundy’s Best of the internet” do you have a direct link? what articlel?

never mind…found it…

this might do it but have never tried it … -+password