Can we build a system like Vonage with Asterisk?

I am newbie to Asterisk. I just wonder can we build a system like Vonage with Asterisk to provide telephone service?

Sure. You need to get a provider who can give you a DID and you’re good to go. Asterisk does most everything you need (voicemail, etc…)

Thanks for your reply. What is DID by the way?

Learn to love a Wiki:

DID == Direct Inward Dial

Any PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) carrier that you connect to will give you a DID by default.
Your home number is a ‘DID’ –

DID numbers are needed for calling IN to an Asterisk system -
but not for calling out particularly (if you really wanted a one way phone system)

One thing you’ll need to work out is NAT – I’m assuming that your Asterisk box will be behind a firewall of some type, unless you want everyone in the world constantly trying to see if they can guess your passwords and use your system…

that being said, SIP generally HATES NAT – there are some instructions around on NAT, Asterisk, and SIP.

Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to discuss NAT with you (yet) — I’m still struggling myself to make SIP clients behind home firewalls work with an Asterisk server behind a firewall

(what ports exactly need to be open on which of the firewalls??? dunno…)
I’m still getting conflicting answers from people on that, and on the settings needed in both the SIP clients and Asterisk…

Can someone give me a list of what I need so that I can setup a just dial out system?

I’d say:

An Asterisk box, obviously - what goes into that depends upon how many phones, etc.

analog phones:
ATA devices-- one for every two analog phones you want to use.

IP phones:
SIP clients- x-ten, sjphone, whatever-
H.323 clients-- as you wish to do-
real USB ip phones like the zyxel SIP phone
Cisco 79xx phones
other real IP phones

SIP would be the type of choice, since they are readily available.
IAX ain’t bad, but it isn’t down to $5 each on ebay yet either.

FXO ports here
one port per analog line you want to have for outbound dialing.

obviously there is a price point at which you want to consider a t1 or PRI
At that point, I’d consider a t1 card in the Asterisk box, or a Cisco 26xx router.

Thanks for your reply. Do I still need to pay local carrier monthly fee?

I’d say so-

If you plan on providing access to the local PSTN, as Vonage does,there’s a cost involved–

vonage makes their system work by having gateways into the local PSTN around the world-- the calls transit the Internet as VOIP, and then exit to the PTSN as a ‘local’ call at the place where the call would terminate without long distance charges.

If you wanted to build a system that didn’t need PSTN access because it was all VOIP to VOIP calls, then that should be free…

but the minute you want to connect to the PSTN -someone- is going to want some $$$ for that :wink:

Some Asterisk box is very expensive and cost more than $2000 dollar. … ode=TE411P Do we have any other choice?

I’m going to pass the buck on this one–

I’m going to be using Asterisk for purely personal reasons, and am using Asterisk@HOME and a whitebox PC.

There may be some folks on here who do largescale implementions and know the hardware requirements better than I —
I know I’ve seen some links on here to hardware types/requirements etc…

No offense to the original poster, but it sounds like you want to be running some kind of business, but don’t know even the basics of telco or voip, in which case, you really need to do some basic research…

Thanks. That is what I am doing here. Hope you can help.

uh, no. you’re asking us to answer elementary questions for you. google is your friend. start doing some basic research ON YOUR TIME, NOT OURS, okay?


I think I have already successfully búilt what you are looking for and I presently serve a few hundred minutes daily to grateful clients - I could clone it for some $$$ for you in case you are interested.

I very much like the keen photoshop skills shown here…