DDI setings in asterisk

Hello there!

I know how to implement the DID I have gotten from my VoIP-Proider on the asterisk server.

Since these numbers are still very expensive in Europe, I will get my own DID directly (not from a VoIP-Provider, but a state equal institution). I want to provide my family and friends with my own DID´s.
But , how does that work?
So, I do know where I get the DID`s for almost free, but how will the DID´s get connected to my asterisk server and most important of all: How will my DID´s get reached out of the PSTN (and of the www too)? :unamused:

Thanks for your help!

P.S. I placed this on alrady a few days agon in zhe general section here, but I did not get any answer yet! :frowning: