Urgent please make a look here for help!

hi evry body
am mark from Newyork and am new user for asterisk and i want know some things about asterisk cauz i download a version of asterisk but i suffer from many problemes here even i can’t make a call in my local network ! also many errors appear in my screen regardless i fallow installation instructions carefully please help me …

Hi Mark,

Could your give us a little bit more detail on what you have done so far, and what exactly the problem is?

What exactly are theses errors that you are seeing?

In /var/log/asterisk/full does it show your extensions are registered?

Let us know and we will try to help.


thank u for ur interst realy i apreciate this
i download a version of asterisk but it appears unstable (thats what i think !) some times it send a message of fatal error, mysql_functionget() … all what i do is just downloading another version of it but i can’t install it i type in the terminal ./configure after acceding to the directory with cd /etc/asterisk what i see next is termcap not supported so please can u send me a stable version of asterisk which can be installed from the source (i mean source file not .BIN file) and please make for me a service and give me an installation guide under Linux by the way i use linux Suse V11

                   thank u a lot u can contact me on [coolfrog@live.fr](mailto:coolfrog@live.fr)


where did you download it from ?

you woould run that command from each directory that the relevant source packages are in , /etc/asterisk is where the configuration files for a working system are.

There are many guides to installing asterisk. Have a google wna im sure you wil find one for the Distribution you are using.


hi Ian
thank u
please make me happy and send me a link from where i can download it safly please with instllation guide


Asterisk - The Future of Telephony (you should probably start here)

Asterisk Official Release Downloads

Most Asterisk Information Than You Can Shake A Stick At (whatever that means)

now… RTFM! :smile:

thank u for help
realy i apreceate ur help guys i unstall it and it works 100% but i have some questions for u : asterisk is a an open source project distrubiated under GPL licence: realy i enjoy this “project” which guides me to ask if i can get the source code to rebuilt for my owen purposes !! for exempls adding new featurs by programming it
if it’s possible please link me from where i can download the project source code



I Have a feeling that you are either not downloading from where we say or you are not sure of what you are doing, If you have done what we said you already HAVE the source.


sorry for misunderstanding me perhaps i didn’t explain my idea in the correct way all what i have downloading run perfactly but what am asking for is the source code under windows OS for exampel : i need to recompile the project under windows OS by using visual C++ or dev C++


The Source is the source. Its written in C .


thank u for ur answer i understand u so help me haw to cmpile the project under visual C++

                 thank u again

The native asterisk source code won’t compile and run under windows. You should check out the following for a port: