Trouble withe the configuration of asterisk


i have istalled the server with the image. now i have a problem.
i have a wireless lan sip phone. the telephone is registered at the asterisk server.

my provider is sipgate. my asterisk server is online at this provider.

when i want to phone out isnt this possible. Calls that comes inbound are not possible too. i dont know why.

intern i think it`s ok. when i dial the 7777 comes something.

what make i wrong? please help me!


From what image are you saying you installed from?

Also, we need to know more about your sip.conf configuration and the output of a verbose CLI when you make the test calls.

i have the image of asterisk@home. i have a ftp server. if you want i can a backupfile or the *.cofig files uploaden. then you can download it.

this is all verry new for me and with linux i haven`t many experience.


Asterisk@Home is a series of applications that are wrapped around core Asterisk. I am not that familiar with Asterisk@Home, so there may be others here that may assist.