New Install: Help

I just upgraded to CentOS 5, with a Asterisk 1.4. I had Asterisk on Fedora 9, after I did the install that went fine, I moved my sip.conf, and extensions.conf to my new Asterisk. It will not register with my provider it times out. I can call with in my network to my other phones no problem. Should I have moved other conf files?

Not sure why, but after a few hours of letting it run, it did register with my VOIP provider, and after many reboots, it registers with no problem.

Note: A good friend of mine created my asterisk server that I had on Fedoara 9. It has been bothering me now for over a year why I can’t make an asterisk server from scratch my self. Today I did it my self! For me it was not just having a system like Asterisk, that works so well, it was the fact I wanted to build it my self.

The skull dents which result from beating your head against the desk while you learn are a small price to pay - now you don’t need to rely on anyone else.