Upgrading from 1.0.9 to 1.2.11

i have a perfetcly running asterisk ver 1.0.9 with some modifications in the code and alot in conf files
now i am about to upgrade it to a newer ver i.e 1.2.11, soo what i need to do to make sure everything runs perfectly same as on the older version

conf file is’nt a major issue becuase they can copied into the new asterisk, the real problem is when ill upgrade will the customization i did with the core source files needs to be re-modified or when ill upgrade it wont have any effects on the modifications and everything will run perfectly same as before ???

first off, read the README and CHANGES files in the tarball. a lot has changed between those versions, and a lot of your conf files are going to need updating.

if you’ve modified the source, then that’s going to need to be either forgotten about (depends on what it was done for), or re-applied to the 1.2.x code … but the structure is a fair bit different. you won’t be able to apply patches blindly.