Reg.upgrading the Asterisk

Hi there,

I have asterisk and wish to upgrade firmware. what is the steps i need to take before i do ?

Any help may be appreciated,

haven’t you posted this question before ?

you can either download and compile the complete current source (and i would advise you get all of them, i.e. asterisk, asterisk-addons, asterisk-sounds, libpri, zaptel) or you can get the patch files and patch the sourcecode you have before compiling.

if you choose to patch, remember to download all the patch files and add them 1 at a time, i.e. patch to 1.2.8-patch.gz (from, then onto 1.2.9, then

if i remember correctly, you tried patching straight to and were running into problems ?

i did not try anything, before we making just i need to come in a stage to plan …

any help may be appreciated…


what you need to do to upgrade is the following:-

  1. Download the patch, or patches, to a directory and extract it,them, from the archive.
  2. Take a note of the path and directory to the extracted file e.g. /usr/src/asterisk-1.2.6-patch
  3. Change to the directory that your Asterisk source code is in e.g. cd /usr/src/asterisk-version
  4. Once in the above directory execute the following commend:-
    patch -p0 < /usr/src/asterisk-1.2.6-patch
  5. Do the above for each patch you have
  6. Once you have completed applying the patches then run the normal make clean, make and make install commands.