Should i upgrade to 1.2? how to upgrade?

as people are starting to find out, asterisk 1.2 has been released today. now i’m wondering… should i upgrade? i installed my asterisk server about a month ago. after a lot of debugging and configuring, i’ve got it to a nearly stable state. i’m a little apprehensive about frigging with things now. here are my questions:

  1. is it going to be difficult to upgrade? does anyone know of a good place to find docs on the update process?

  2. it is going to be worth the update? i’ve read that there are over 3000 improvements in the 1.2 release. am i going to notice any of them, or are they fairly obscure kinds of changes?

  3. is it going to be a good idea to upgrade in my small business environment? i need 100% uptime and reliability. i can install over the weekend, so not to disturb my users, but when i get it installed, it has to work and work well.

so, should i do it? are other business users going to upgrade? how the hell do i upgrade anyway?


Which version are you on now? If you are on a 1.2 release cycle already that it is highly recommended to upgrade, if on a 1.0 then you may want to wait if you are stable and not running into any problems.

In terms of upgrading, you may want to backup these directories:


Then make and make install the v1.2 (do not make samples). This should simply overlay the old modules and you should be able to start.

Here is a list of what has been changed/added:

[quote=“Asterisk Wiki”] * A re-enginered database interface library called ARA, The Asterisk Realtime Architecture
* New configuration file logic with templates
* New dialplan syntax and an experimental new dialplan language: AEL
* New music-onhold functions for native music
* New file formats: Ogg Vorbis and Sun Microsystem’s AU-files
* Many improvements in the SIP channel
* IAX2 jitterbuffer and packet loss concealment
* Many new applications and dialplan functions [/quote]

and a presentation:

You have to decide for yourself.

Always best to be on the latest version. Then again, if you are stable and do not need the features, then you have to way the risks to your business continuity.

I would presonally upgrade.