Upgrading 1.4 to 11 or 13

We have a server running Asterisk 1.4 and want to upgrade to a current version. On the new server Yum installs version 11, while the latest version available is 13. Server is Amazon Linux (AWS), current and updated. I see that EOL for 11 is two years from now. I prefer installing via yum, but don’t know if this will result in more upgrade problems from 11 to 13 in two years.

What is the preferred method of upgrading, and why?

  1. Install 11 via yum and upgrade to 13 using yum
  2. Add repository for 13 to yum (if possible) and install from there
  3. Compile from source

Here I see that installing from source is not recommended:
blogs.digium.com/2015/02/24/inst … -centos-6/

Are there other issues upgrading from such an old version?

I have not much experience with Asterisk installation or configuration. Somebody else installed the old server. What is the best way to handle this?

Well first of all, is this a clean Asterisk installation or based on a distro?
Bare in mind that in Asterisk 1.6 there was a major rewrite how the attributes of a dialplan application are parsed and changed the pipe symbol to comma.
The problem with this change is that dialplan that worked fine in previous versions is not working now.
I might be wrong but maybe david can help on this.

I would say that installing with yum is the way to go, just in case that you might want to remove asterisk in the future.
If you make a tarball installation you get the latest package, this is the preferred method if you don’t plan to remove asterisk from your box.

The best way I think is a clean installation, os and asterisk. Then port dialplan in the new installation.