Download Asterisk source or use yum?


We have been using a version of Asterisk that is almost five years old. Worked exactly the way we wanted. Never had to upgrade.

Now I am building a new box with Fedora 11.

What is the preferred way to install Asterisk?

  1. Download source, compile, and install
  2. Use yum

If using yum, from reading various posts, it appears I would need:

yum install asterisk
yum install asterisk-core
yum install asterisk-voicemail

Is this right?

We use asterisk for pure voip. No pots.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I would advise compiling from source.

For full capability, even with SIP, you wll also need dahdi compiled against the exact kernel that you are using.

I would stay away from Fedora. The shelf like is some thing like 13 months. In a year and a half you will be left in the dust with no updates. Have a look at CentOS.

Also compile from source. If there are any issues you will have the greatest and the latest. RPM’s aren’t as up to date in general.