Upgrade from 11.x to 11.x


Is it possible to upgrade Asterisk from, for example, 11.3 to 11.8 ? Or it could be done only from one release to another, like 11.x -> 12.x ?


It is strongly advisable to update from 11.x to 11.y for y > x.

Thank you, David!

PS: did you mean “x < y” ?

Yes y > x. Now corrected.

Sorry to be dragging this on up…

but as a reasonable noob… how would I go about doing this update from 11.x to 11.y?

My current install was all done my doing the whole, make, make this, make that procedure…

What would be the way to preform an update without loosing all my settings and dialplans?

Generally simply don’ t run “make samples”. However you should check the UPDATES document. Normally sub-versions within a major version are backwards compatible, except for bugs.