Updates on the dahdi project

As many of you are aware the DAHDI project has been quiet recently and has been suffering from a lack of maintenance. We are currently in the middle of an effort to correct this and bring things up to date.

A quick update on what has been done

  • merged all outstanding PRs and corrected any other builds issues against current kernel versions
  • put in place some basic CI to ensure that we find build problems as the kernel is updated

Things we have coming up

  • streamline the release process so that we can turn around releases quickly when they are required
  • create a release with all currently known build issues resolved
  • document the branching strategy, commit guidelines and other useful developer documentation
  • do the same for the dahdi-tools repo

Once all this is done then hopefully we will be in a better place to keep things current. To keep everybody informed and involved all discussions and announcements will be hosted here.

Specific issues should be raised on the dahdi-linux repo on Github

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Thank you! :cowboy_hat_face:

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