Dahdi-tools problem compiling

I’m surely missing something…
I grabbed the latest dahdi source. dahdi-linux compiles ok, and installs many modules (wow! who would believe there is so much hardware out there!)
dahdi-tools appears to have (unhelpfully) the same README as dahdi-linux. Running make appears to generate modules too, and not the tools.

Hmmm. Early versions are ok - 2.6 etc.
This is progress?

on which operating system are you trying it and what’s the problem?

Im compiling on a Debian system, but the later variants dont have makefiles. Ok, the old configure, menuselect, make and install were a bit much, but now nothing seems to work. Its as though the READMEs have never been updated.

I need to known two things :

  1. Your kernel version
  2. The hardware you are compiling dahdi for.

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