Patching dahdi > 2.4.1 for xen domU kernel

Hi dear all,

I’ve been running asterisk on a xen domU for prototyping purposes.
At start dahdi version released by my gentoo distro was 2.4.1.
At that time I easily founded how to patch dahdi sources in order to work with my xen domU kernel.

Now my distro has upgraded to and 2.6.1.
Seems like the patch logic and concerned files that worked for dahdi 2.4 does not straightforwardly work for theses two later releases of dahdi.

Any clue how to solve this issue ?

Thanks for your attention.

You need to use developer resources, not end user resources. There is a developers’ mailing list and an IRC channel, but I’m not sure if they cover dahdi.

Thanks david55,

Sorry been a newbie on this forum. :blush:
Will investigate tomorrow accordingly.

Thanls for your attention, interest and support.