Transfer to another agent in a queue

I have a problem with asterisk 1.4.2, I need to give the agents the ability to transfer calls from to their supervisors… on my dialplan I’m using the application like

Then when a client calls, I should be able to [blind] transfer by #1 or any other sequence defined in features.conf (#1 being the default).

Now, my problem is that when I try to transfer, nothing happens and my client hears all my DTMF… anyone knows what may be the problem???

Yse when Agent Recive call In Q he or she unable to xfer call to other user or Agent
But I suggest try this fEtaure on queues.conf may this help you. i will say read this first may it use full for your need

A context may be specified, in which if the user types a SINGLE
digit extension while they are in the queue, they will be taken out
of the queue and sent to that extension in this context.

context = qoutcon


I don’t think that would work as I want it to, actually I think my problem may be a bug in 1.4.2… Let me explain

Im using queue(QUEUE_NAME|t) and when I press “#1” with the agent [or the user] nothing happens, BUT, if I use T I works when the caller presses “#1” which is the opposite of what I want.

I don’t think it’s even worth it to post this into the bug tracker anymore, and I can’t upgrade my asterisk as I need to use it as a [berlios’] asterisk B2BUA (…