How transfer a call to other agent in the same Queue



Asterisk 1.4.30
centOS 5.5
Dahdi linux complete 2.2.1
mysql DB

What i want know is;

I have 30 agents in one queue
Suppose if my caller want to talk with my superior…then…

i know two options are there:

  1. Transfer using ‘#’ button +extension number

  2. call parking to 700 (If i do this… how do my agents know that they are parked in which extensions? Also only one time the asterisk says that the agent’s parked call number)

But here i am using **1 to login the agent (that i have created on extensions.conf)

is this two options work if the agent is logged in?

help me?

Thanks & regards


If I understand the requirement correctly, you will need to create a queue per agent, and put the agent in both that queue and the main queue.