Queue call transfer


I have a small callcenter configured in Asterisk and is working good so far. The problem is that dynamic agents once they register in queue lose their ability to transfer calls. When they aren’t registered can transfer call without any problem. I need that agents can transfer calls, how can I do that?? Can anybody help me please?? I’ve searching in the web but found nothing effective so far. Thanks in advance.


I think you’ll need to set canreinvite=yes on each device.

canreinvite is depecated for directmedia and has nothing to do with transfers.

I think we would need to see how the the agents are logged in, and exactly what is happening, but I suspect what we see here is that the queue is getting transferred when they want to transfer the caller, or that the transfer prefix is being interperted as logout by the agent system.

You ought to be able to get it to work using features.conf transfers, but you may need to add a local channel on the caller side.

First of all thank you both for your answers.

mkozusnik, the problem is not the device, SIP extension are able to transfer calls while they are out of queue. In the moment the extension log in queue stops transfer calls.

david551: agents are logged in as dynamic agents. Any extension can transfer calls dialing *2. When the called user dials *2 hears the voice message “transfer” and then dial the extension number to transfer to. But when that very same extension is logged in queue and the called agent dials *2 nothing happens. That is the problem.

I don’t understand the part “you may need to add a local channel on the caller side” Can you explain it to me???

Thanks in advance.

Instead of calling Queue, call Dial(local/xxxx@yyyy) where extension xxxx in context yyyy invokes Queue. The DTMF should pass through queue and hit the local channel.

By the way, did you use the “t” option when invoking Queue?

I’m not using the “t” or “T” option cause I don’t know where to set it up. I suppose with the “t” option the transfer should work but don’t know how can I set it up. Can you help me please??



same	=> n,Queue(${queue_name},t)

Didn’t work my friend…