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So I have a few questions. I am still trying to understand a few things. I manage a small network and our current phone solution is - all cloud based service to our VOIP Polycom phones. So When I get digicom SIP trunk channels, is there a physical interface to connect them to an Asterisk server such as Asterisk now? Or is this all configured in the server which is connected to the internet through an ethernet interface?

If you are buying SIP Trunking for Digium they will give you connection information you will enter into your PBX. There is no hardware component.

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ok sounds good, yes I am planning on getting SIP trunks from Digium, the metered plan., I plan to just go month to month until everything is working smoothly then upgrade to a 3 year plan. Thanks for the reassurance!

Good decision. Take things slowly first until all your processes are flowing smoothly. It won’t take that much time before you can finally upgrade your plan. Hope for your success.

I, too, am a total newbie to *.

We have 70 Vertical phones, some digital and the rest VoIP, spanning 2 different cities in Idaho. Can we use these phones with * because we dumped too much money into the phones to turn and invest in something else.

Please advise.

You’d have to be more specific with what models of phones you have and what kind of interfaces they have.

If the phones speak SIP then it should be fairly easy to use them with asterisk assuming they are not locked to your current carrier/phone system.

If your phones are Digitial then the likelyhood of them working with asterisk is very low.

If your phones are Analog and work on a normal POTS line then you can by hardware to interface them with asterisk such as Analog Telephone Adapters or Channel Banks.

Hi John,

Our phones are all Vertical. The VoIP phones are: VIP-9820-00, with an RJ45 interface. The Digital phones are Vodavi 30 Executive & Vodavi 8 Executive, with an RJ11 interface. As for the question of being flashed directly for Vertical, that’s anyone’s guess.

Thank you for your response.

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It looks like your phones are Proprietary and designed to work with the vendors PBX solution, I see no mention of SIP in the documentation for the VIP-9820-00.

They’re currently running on SIP.

Any phone that supports SIP should have no issues working with Asterisk.

Adtran makes them, Patton Makes them, a number of companies make them.