Check my Thinking

I have never really setup a Phone system before and I’m getting a bit stuck on the terminology but I think I’ve got an idea of what I need I’d just like an expert opinion.

We have 2 Phone lines coming into our office which are currently connected a PBX box which is a bit rubbish so we would like to swap to using Asterisk.

The thing I’m struggling with is getting the phone lines into the box I think I need this:

Which I think will result in a system where we can have IP phones around the office on the Auto-Voice VLAN in our switches.

Also would I be able to add one of these ( to that card letting us connect up our analogue FAX machine.

Is this right? or have I miss read everything?

You don’t need these, as there are other ways of doing this.

The sponsors of this forum would prefer that you used Digium branded equivalents if you are going the PCI route.

Care to elaborate on the other ways? This is the only way I can see of doing it.

SIP ATAs and gateways. Other brands of PCI card. There may be third party USB ones, a well.

Also, many people would suggest throwing away the analogue lines and using a SIP ITSP.