Advise on hardware

i am planning to setup an asterisk pbx that would have four pstn lines connected, two sip trunk lines, and ~24-32 extensions. i would like to accomplish this in the least cost possible.

any comments on hardware i should go for? i will use a modern PC but am not sure about cards / adapters etc. overall, it seems analog phones are likely to be much cheaper than VOIP end-user instruments.


For the analogue connections have a look at the OpenVOX A400P. It’s cheaper than the Digium card and provides up to 4 x PSTN connections. It’s best to go for a decent card though as you might get problems with echo cancellation with cheaper cards.

i checked that out.

what do you think of these two options?

    i can use 10 of these to give me 20 lines at a cost of ~$20 an analog line. other than the fact that it is not a clean looking system, do you see any big issues?

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the above two give me about $25 as the cost of a line. but it is not clear if these yeostar cards require further sub-cards. and since yeostar do not seem to sell on several voip sites, i wonder about the quality and quality of sound.

any advice? thanks!

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