I'm lost

Ok, I’m somewhat tech savy but haven’t delved into the realm of telephony much. I’m looking at setting up an IP PBX for the office, but I’m having a hard time finding information on what exactly I would need so I can make a proposal to the owners.

I have an older PC that I can set up with Linux so the PC isn’t an issue. Here’s what is going on. 3 incoming lines (2 phone & 1 fax). Currently only 3 stations (phones) will be needed. One at reception, one at billing, and one in my office. All phones need the ability to call 911 because we deal with poisons on a daily basis. Intercom between the offices would be nice, but not necessary. Also, since this is a small business, cost is definately a factor.

I have found alot of information, but some of it seems conflicting. Anyway… by issue is hardware.

What I can’t figure out is what I will need to connect everything to the PC, will it use RJ-11 wiring, or Cat-5? What hardware will I need to connect everything? and if RJ-11 can be used, I assume that I can use existing phones?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

For SIP trunking you should try sipstation.com , you’ll only need CAT5 a switch and an internet connection. Sipstation offers emergency 911 services as well. If you have any specific questions about these components please ask :smiley:

I know they aren’t going to switch to a VoIP carrier. so this configuration would need to use the existing POTS incoming lines.

You’ll need an analog card then Digium sells these at the link here:

Can you give some details about the existing carrier?

Probably based on your requirements you should try this one though: