[Solved] Time Conditions Going of UTC time

Has anyone else had any trouble with the Time Conditions being based on UTC time rather than local time? Do I need to adjust my work time on UTC minus local time? or did I miss something?

So just in case someone else runs into this, in System Admin, you have to set the time zone of your system, it was set before the upgrade to Asterisk 13. Probably in the docs but you know… :slight_smile:

System Admin, module sound like one of the FreePBX module, Asterisk it self use the system time


Not sure, I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to what one is verse the other. I use the Distro from Sangoma. if I put this in the wrong place forgive me. I know my way around the product but when something isn’t working, it is really hard for me to find the issue, well until one of you “smart people” tell me to go look here and you will see this setting… :slight_smile:

I would recommend trying the forums at https://community.freepbx.org for help with FreePBX, the users there will be much more familiar with the product than we are here.