Three way conference with features.conf

I have made a dial plan and also configure features.conf with a atxfer => *2
now when someone call calls the agent can transfer the call to third party but the caller gets a hold music.And he/she can’t hear what is going on.
I need help to short out this problem so that three (caller - queued agent - called party ) can be in a conference.
Please help me.

Conference is a different function from transfer. You should make a conference room and transfer all the calls there.

If you transfer all callers to a conference customer still will hear music on hold while is stransferred to the conference roon. A workaround would be redirect all callers to a conference room, but in order to redirect a channel it needs to exist,

Is it possible to make a conference with SIP channel ? Because I do not have any DAHDI or ZAP chennel. I am using SIP channel with a VOIP get way.

Yes. Any channel technology can be used with the various conference applications.

thank you for the help. Now i can workout in this.