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Is there a way to include a sip user waiting in a queue in any conference via methods like AMI, AGI, ARI ex.?

Channelredirect() or queue option
A context may be specified, in which if the user types a SINGLE
; digit extension while they are in the queue, they will be taken out
; of the queue and sent to that extension in this context.
;context = qoutcon

I think the OP wants to use the conference as a sort of music on hold. I’m not sure if they want it to be listen only, or a full conference (the former might be achievable, with some external code, by turning the conference media into MoH, but the latter isn’t going to be practicable, and the former is not for the faint hearted).

I want to a fully conference. And I want to add sip user dynamically with options like AMI, AGI, ARI to this conference.

Can we use ChannelRedirect to redirect a sip user’s channel to a conference?

Channel redirect redirects any channel to a section of dialplan. A SIP peer could have created a channel, but SIP users aren’t channels. The dialplan can enter a conference, by executing the relevant conference application, but channel redirect cannot directly references a conference.

If the channel was in a queue, it will be permanently removed from the queue.

I think a description of what you are trying to achieve, rather than how you are trying to achieve it, would make it easer to give useful answers. As you should be able to see, the two people who have answered are making different assumptions, and your current reply leaves me more, rather than less, confused.

Absolutely, as far you have the channel name

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