Reg.Three way calling / conference calling


i have an asterisk installed and configured the sip.conf and extensions.conf as below.

i would like to have a such functioanality… which i do in existing systems.

1.sip extensions users (208) calls A(10 digit number) once he connects A. After that he pressing flash button , and placing An hold.

2.Now again the same sip user(208) calls B (10 digits number), once he connects B, after he pressing falsh button…

3.Once he press the falsh now three (208,A and B)needs to have a conferencing.

i need to do like this way…

i tired the same way… but once in press flash after connecting the B , again the B placed on hold and i got connected to A.

i shall be thankfull, any one can help to do the same.

Any help may be aprreciated.

3-way calling is a feature found on the PHONE. Most SIP phones and ATAs have this feature. Asterisk DOES NOT have 3-way calling. You need to use a MeetMe conference to speak with 2 or more people at the same time.


i do not have the sip phones… i use audiocodes mp108 fxs… so that i used to configure a each port a each extensions using the user name and password… and i will be connecting a plain telephone instrument to that ports of MP 108. This plain telephone will be having flash buttons to do the same …

or else using meetme , can i able to configure for this purpose but not like bridge… i need to use flash button to do the same…